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KeJe B.V. develops and manufactures high-quality insect screens and window blinds. Over the years, KeJe has become the largest production company for made-to-measure window blinds and insect screens in the Netherlands. We have the perfect window blinds and insect screens for almost all types of windows and doors.


The story about KeJe

KeJe's story begins in October of 2002, when Rob Dolman decides to start developing and producing his own insect screens for plastic window frames. As the proud father of two sons - Kevin and Jesper - he decides to name his company after his boys. Hence the name KeJe. Rob gets his production process off the ground in a small rental building in Dronten. Within a few short years, his client base grows significantly and he begins to expand his product range. He soon outgrows his building and decides to rent a second property.

2007 – Purchasing a business property

In 2007, Rob decides to purchase his own business property in Dronten to bring his development and production processes together under one roof. Until 2013, KeJe exclusively manufactures insect screens. That all changes when the company also starts offering window blinds with a new and unique concept. KeJe's window blinds come in a frame and can be installed without drilling or screwing into the window frame. At the time, this was a one-of-a-kind solution.

2013 – development of a unique concept for window blinds

It used to be difficult to add window blinds to tilt-and-turn windows with a plastic window frame, as the blinds would get in the way when the window was opened. It is also best to avoid drilling into plastic window frames, so as not to cause irreparable damage. This problem called for an ingenious solution and a new approach to installation. KeJe developed window blinds that can installed on the glazing bars of the window frame using magnetic and steel tape. The frame is just a few centimetres thick. With its mat powder coating in a range of colours, it is almost invisible in combination with both plastic, wooden and aluminium window frames. The windowsill remains unobstructed and the product can easily be taken off the window frame without causing any damage.

2018 – Development of second production site

After expanding its original building several times, KeJe decides in 2018 to develop a second production site in Dronten. This new building not only expands the company's production capacity, but also makes it possible to start spray-painting frames in non-standard RAL colours. The company can now start managing its entire production process in-house, thereby guaranteeing short delivery times and optimal product quality.

2019 – Expansion second production site and development of unique window blind product

KeJe continues to grow with its range of practical, attractive and affordable window blinds. In 2019, the company adds a new production hall to its recently opened building to prepare for the future. By this time, sons Kevin and Jesper have both joined the company as well. 2019 is also the year of the KeJe shutter: the Lamella. This unique product puts traditional shutters to shame, because it can once again be installed without drilling or screwing. That is what makes our products unique.

2020 - expansion second production site

After opening a production site in Germany, KeJe once again has to expand its second Dutch production site to keep up with the company's rapid growth in the Netherlands. This second site is now fully operational, allowing KeJe to manage every stage of production in-house and guarantee a quick delivery of its high-grade products.


Are you looking for a product to keep out insects or a stylish solution in the form of our window blinds? Feel free to explore our website and have a look at our products.


If you are interested in our products and want to order them or see them with your own eyes, you can use the “find a dealer” option or contact us directly, so we can help you find a dealer near you.


Order the products you want from one of our dealers. They will forward your order to us, so we can begin manufacturing your products in our Dutch factory.


Once production is complete, we will deliver the products to the dealer where you placed your order. We visit your region once per week, so products can be delivered to your dealer quickly (depending on their delivery time).


The product is now ready to be installed - either by you or the customer. Enjoy your products!

Our History

The start of KeJe...

The start of KeJe...

KeJe was founded in October of 2002 by Rob Dolman, who named the company after his sons Kevin and Jesper. With a background in insect screens, Rob Dolman began by producing in-frame insect screens that are suitable for any plastic window frame. As KeJe's client base and product range continued to grow, the company outgrew its original building and production was relocated to two (rental) properties in Dronten.

Expansion: offering a full product range

Expansion: offering a full product range

In 2007, five years after the company's foundation, it was time to move and acquire a business property to accommodate the production and development of a rapidly growing product range. Until 2013, KeJe exclusively produced insect screens. That year, the company introduced its unique concept for window blinds that can be installed without drilling or screwing into the window frame.

Future: we are ready

Future: we are ready

We are eagerly looking forward to the future and are dedicated to maintaining our position as a reliable full-service provider of insect screens and window blinds.

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Although we always go the extra mile, there are a few aspects that we at KeJe are particularly proud of and that define who we are as an organisation.

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